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Web Updated 23 October 2008 - LRM


Railtech Australia Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Railtech International SA in France.


Railtech International world-wide influence, results from experience gained over more than a century in the railways field.  Our business consisting of manufacturing Aluminothermic Welding Equipment (more than 25 millions weld kits sold in over 60 countries over 5 continents) has allowed us to have the technical specifications of each Railway and to propose the best solution to their requirements. 

The experience we have gained throughout the world has led us to become highly specialised in rail welding and all fields of  track construction and maintenance. 




        Aluminothermic Welding

        Flash-Butt Welding


        Track Equipment, 

        Turn-Key Works, 

        Hydraulic Power Tools, 


As a consequence we now have strong association with:


      Engineering Companies,  


      Mass Transits,  

      Track laying and maintenance contractors. 




Railtech INTERNATIONAL can participate in any project related to railway transport such as:  


     TGV lines in Europe, and Asia with the capacity to reach speeds in excess of 500 km/hr.  

     North American and Australian railways with axle loads as high as 40 tonnes.  

     Mass Transit Lines, Subways, Monorails, Trolleybuses, Tramways.  

     Tracks using special rail sections such as the Ariane Launching Pad at KOUROU - Guyana. 




   Railtech Australia Limited is a Quality Assured Company


           AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000 Certificate Number 219.


Railtech Australia Limited Copyright 2008.

All graphics and images on this site remain property of Railtech Australia Limited, and cannot be used without their express permission.

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