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Railtech Australia Limited


Track Maintenance Equipment



Railtech International SA design and manufacture a complete range of small track machines for construction and maintenance of rail track. Additionally we offer the range of Matweld Hydraulic Tools from our subsidiary Matweld Inc.












Railtech Track Machines


SC 355 Abrasive Rail Saw fitted with 2 stroke Husqvarna 6.8Kw engine @ 9000rpm and support arm with built in safety switch.




TR 75 Hydraulic Rail Tensor for CWR supplied with manual or hydraulic power pack.




Railtech 'A' Frame Alignment for easy alignment of rails for welding.




 EGH 2 Hydraulic Weld Shear manual or hydraulic power pack.  




Rail Grinding Equipment.




Track Superelevation and Measurement Equipment.




Full range of small track tools - Thermometers, Jacks etc.  




Special Products - Designed and manufactured in Australia



Welding Shear Blades - Made to suit most brand name weld shears - Guaranteed to out last most! The weld shear blades are machined from a solid block of steel and the cutting edge built up using high grade alloy welding rods. Users have reported up to 2000 cuts from each set of blades.



New Top Hat Shear blades now available!




Flashbutt Welding Machine - Shear blade inserts for clean and cost efficient shearing of the excess metal when using a Flashbutt Welder.


Photo will be available soon

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