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Web Updated 23 October 2008 - LRM

78200100 Preheat Torch Mixer F43

82004000 Adjustable Torch Support

  78200700 Torch 3H includes Nipples ( PL & SC WG Process)

78201100 Railtech/Harris Propane Regulator

78202300 Propane Check Gauge (LIQ) Complete

78208800 Adaptor for 22 Hole Preheat Tip (PLK Process)

78219000 15m Propane Hose with Fittings - 10mm

78209600 Hose Fitting Propane - 10mm

78209700 Hose Fitting Oxygen - 10mm

78200200 Preheat Torch Handle 432

78217300 Torch to Suit 22 Hole Tip Including Adaptors ( PLK Process)

78201200 Oxygen Regulator

78208700 22 Hole Preheat Tip (PLK Process)

78204800 Propane Regulator Extension

78219100 15m Oxygen Hose with Fittings - 10mm

78201600 Torch Nipple (2 required) (used in PL Process)

78201800 Oxygen/Propane Cutting Tip 3NX (cuts 50-75mm deep)

78214300 Propane Flash Back Arrestor (High Flow)

78215000 Oxygen Flash Back Arrestor (High Flow)

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