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Web Updated 23 October 2008 - LRM

Railtech Schlatter Flashbutt Welding Division


Railtech International SA and  Swiss company, Schlatter AG formed a joint venture in 1994 and named it Railtech Schlatter Systems.  RSS provides Engineering, Sales and Service of Mobile Flashbutt Welding in Dedicated Rail Vehicles, Containerised, Road Rail and Stationary machines, together with the complete design and installation of production lines - including all rail gantries, rail preparation equipment, rail straightening machines, finishing and testing equipment for Continuous Welded Rails.  


Three solutions for in-track mobile flash butt-welding:  


       Dedicated Railway Vehicle,


       Combined  Road Rail  Vehicle,


       Containerised Flashbutt Welder to be fixed on our clients standard flat top wagons.


       Depot Stationary Welder


The Schlatter welding machines are used in more than 80 installations world-wide in Rail Welding Depots and In-Track, producing welds of very high metallurgical and geometrical quality required to meet the technical specifications of the high speed tracks, high density urban metro systems and heavy haul.   


Railtech Schlatter Systems will conduct a study and design for all your Flashbutt Welding requirements.



Contact Railtech Australia Limited for any inquiries about

Railtech Schlatter Products:


Railtech Australia Limited
Telephone: +(617) 3344 5444
Facsimile: +(617) 3344 5377




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