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Web Updated 23 October 2008 - LRM



A note from the web master:

Please note: this is not a comparison of two single-use crucibles! It shows another brand of Standard Crucible Weld Reaction and the Railtech CJ Eco-Filter One-Shot Crucible Reaction.










    Theirs                                                                                 Railtech


TheirsBadReaction.jpg                                                                       ECOFILTER_BLUE_large.swf


Click the images for larger views and animated Railtech Ecofilter


It was never the intension to be misleading, and for that reason, we post this note. (for Brian!) Trusting this clears up any confusion!

This note is posted without prejudice!

Furthermore, it should be noted that as the webmaster of this site, I have 25 years experience with welding and so I am fully aware of the difference between the two pictures. However, the CJ Eco-Filter is by far a better solution!

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