Railtech Australia Limited is continually striving to provide customers with benefits to improve the level of service we offer.

Railtech products were first introduced to the Australian Market in 1982 and were known as Boutet Process at that time.

Initially introduced to Hamersley Iron where we have continued to supply for the past 20 years and with further advances we now market products to Robe River Iron Ore, BHP/Billiton, Queensland Rail, ail Infrastructure Corporation (NSW) Westrail and work with the leading contractors - John Holland, Barclay Mowlem, Works Infrastructure (EDI), and many more.

Since the inception of the Company in Australia we have been the leaders with the introduction of a Self Tapping Thimble, Three Piece Mould, Re-Usable Crucible, Premixed Stemming Paste, The revolutionary CJ One-Shot Crucible and the Eco-Filter (Filtered CJ Crucible) Weld Kit Packaging and many more improvements.

Recently we have introduced the latest development in welding processes, the PLK, available in kits and with the option of a CJ One-Shot, Eco-Filter CJ Crucible or Standard Crucible. Developed for the Heavy Iron Ore Railways, the PLK is proving to be very reliable and successful.

With the PLK Standard and One Shot Crucible kit introduced we proceeded throughout 2003 to introduce the PLK Junction Weld. In 2004 the Wide Gap Welding Process for use with the CJ One - Shot Crucible was tested to the Australian Standard for AlumiEhas been accepted by the relevant RailAuthorities. We now offer a full range of weld kits available with CJ One-Shot Crucibles and with the Railtech Eco-Filter One Shot Crucible. This includes a range of crane rail welding kits for the most popular sizes used in Australia.
Within our new site we have provided information about the products we offer, such as new products, latest welding instructions etc.

There is a direct download link for Work Instruction Sheets and Safety Data Sheets in Adobe PDF Format for our Welding Products which you can now download directly from the site.

There are pictures and brochures of our products and throughout the year we will continue to update our website to improve and serve our customers.

Please drop by regularly as we will be progressively updating the site.
We thank you for your visit.

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